Localizable Strings Merge

L’applicazione usata da migliaia di sviluppatori iOS e OS X per localizzare le loro applicazioni.

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Genera i file Localizable.strings con l'elenco delle stringhe da tradurre.

Fa il merge non appena i traduttori ti forniranno le stringhe tradotte.

Con un'interfaccia semplice e immediata.

Un tool indispensabile che ti farà risparmiare ore di lavoro.

Come internazionalizzare un'applicazione OS X/iOS.

Come Localizable Strings Merge può farti risparmiare ore di lavoro.

Drop your source folder on the left and your .lproj folders on the right and let it go. Keeps things clean and preserves comments. Great work!

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Does one thing and does it well, good buy!

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Best 4$ ever spent.

Canada App Store

It simply updates your localizable.strings file with any changes made to your source code and marks the new strings. It's easy to use and works. Can't ask for much more.

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Avec cette application la phase de localication de projet devient on ne peut plus simple : en quelques actions élémentaires les fichiers de localisation sont mis à jour et immédiatement utilisables. Je recommande vivement cette application.

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This app makes it really easy to update the localization files from your project. Drag, drop, click, done! Very quick and easy. Thanks!

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